Desktop Team Updates - Monday 11th July 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 4th July 2022


firefox24 firefox

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • uploaded 102.0.1 to kinetic
  • prepared 91.11.0 for all other series, and handed over to the security team

chromium22 chromium


Active Directory

  • merged the Windows daemon and released version 0.9.0 of adsys :tada:
  • set up a local AD environment with a Linux client to be able to develop adsys features
  • contributed a fix and a feature to an upstream dependency that we use: charmbracelet/bubbles
  • reproduced and opened a PR to fix an adsys issue related to GPO case-sensitivity
  • found and reported another adsys issue related to case-sensitivity (I sense a pattern forming)
  • updated the ubuntu/sync-issues-github-jira GH Action to be able to convert GitHub Markdown to JIRA Markdown before pushing the payload to JIRA
  • Debian updates for gnome-{maps,calculator,remote-desktop}.
  • Merge Orca and sync Calligra.
  • Prepared SRU upload for gnome-{maps,remote-desktop}, evolution{,data-server}.
  • Verified SRU for libnotify and libsoup3.
  • Reported possible oauth2 bug to Evolution.
  • Progress on the Chromium snap:
    • Discovered that machines with Nvidia GPU don’t get accelerated video decoding. Seb128 spotted code coming from snapcraft-desktop-helpers that unsets the LIBVA_DRIVERS_PATH in such setups.
      This is good news, because it shows a clear way to go forward.
    • Patched it to log used video decoder to stderr, as it otherwise requires navigating the GUI (in about://media-internals).
    • Uploaded the snap on candidate/hwacc for easier time testing.

:beach_umbrella: On leave all week

  • Fixed the bug in Gnome42/Core22 that prevented some icons to be painted: it was a problem with librsvg
  • Migrated Evince, Gnome-Dictionary, Gedit and System-Monitor to Gnome42/Core22
  • Sent some patches for CraftCli.
  • Sent a update proposal for Snapcraft.

Desktop Installer


  • Reviewed named events for WSL OOBE
  • Contributed a feature for setting SplitView children sizes programmatically
  • continued debugging vaapi and chromium, VDA is working now, see the bug description for details.
  • worked on getting vulkan support also working in the chromium snap.
  • investigated reports of hotspot connections not working and tried to reproduce but it works as expected on an upgraded system and on an ISO session
  • tried to reproduce nm-openvpn-gnome mishandling key filenames with a ‘_’ but it seems to work correctly?
  • Reviewed and sponsored a plymouth package change requested by the Ubuntu Core team to add a label-ft plugin. The plugin comes from opensuse and is based on freetype which has fewer dependency than the standard pango plugin.
  • SRUed a fix for the xserver segfaulting when trying to rotate the screen with the ati driver
  • spent more time on the reword of the gnome-initial-setup livepatch step to use the ubuntu advantage service.
  • tried to get more details on gstreamer1.0-vaapi creating playing issues for totem. Replacing intel-media-va-driver by intel-media-va-driver-non-free seems to workaround the issues.
  • helped with some of the firefox snap work. Published the old gnome-3-38 and theme snaps to a stable/xz-reference channel to allow to compare more easily with thz lzo compressed variants.
  • did some desktop SRUs verifications
  • refreshed a bit the packagesets, adding some of our new components to the ubuntu-desktop set

Monday was a holiday

  • Arrived in Kosovo for DebConf
  • The “core” parts of gstreamer 1.20.3 have been accepted as proposed updates for 22.04 LTS.
  • Cherrypicked a fix for scrambled video for some Intel graphics users since the full update for gstreamer-vaapi to 1.20.3 wasn’t initially accepted.
  • Fixed a gnome-control-center schema issue
  • Prepared more GNOME 42.3 SRUs
  • Filed a Debian removal bug for libzapojit since it was basically only used by the obsolete GNOME Documents app
  • Some minor bugfixes for the Debian/Ubuntu packaging for Foliate. Foliate is an ebook reader for GNOME. I think we’ll drop GNOME Books from Debian and Ubuntu soon.


  • Submitted and merged a PR with the method call handling to let the OOBE listen to Win32 named events. That feature is used to allow the launcher communicate that the distro registration is complete.
  • Completed the Flutter side of the OOBE on Windows as is. Small visual changes are expected for the near future.
  • Started refactorings into the distro launcher to support adding a new application strategy to interact with the OOBE running on Windows.
  • Pushed a CI workflow running on Windows to build the Windows entry point.


  • Reviewed some PR related to the new target-based guided storage API





  • Started Stanford’s Algorithms and Data Structures course in coursera.

On Sun, July 17 I will depart for the GUADEC 2022 in Mexico.

  • OpenPrinting: The new pages to be linked from the “About Us” page will be “How did this all begin?”, “Our principal achievements”, and “what we are currently doing” with the latter (or all 3 in a trilogy) being supposed to get re-posted by @local-optimum in the Ubuntu and blogs. Started the “Our principal achievements” and nearly completed it now. It needed a lot of research in the history of OpenPrinting, CUPS, and Ghostscript, as the OpenPrinting News started only in September 2019 …
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: The organization of the successor of the UDSes is rolling! I had two 1:1s with @ilvipero, main organizer of the event. One was 45 minutes (on Mon) and I have talked with him about all the glory of UDSes, then, after a 45-min organization group meeting (with @hellsworth and @madhens) I had a 3:30-hours long second 1:1 talking about OpenPrinting, Snaps, WSL, Flutter, all-Snap Ubuntu, … and working out proposals for possible sessions involving me on the Summit. Was really a fruitful meeting, of the length of an OpenPrinting micro-conference on Linux Plumbers.
  • GUADEC 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico: Created Telegram group for the Canonical Gang (me, @hellsworth, @3v1n0, @nteodosio, @bwyazel) to communicate during the GUADEC.
  • Open Source Summit Europe 2022: My 2 talk proposals did not get accepted, but there will be a panel with @madhens: Mental Health in Community Caretaking on Thursday, September 15, 11:00 - 11:40 UTC+1. As I am fellow of the Linux Foundation I get free admission and will attend parts of the OSS, too.
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: The 8 contributors are doing well in their projects and I have the usual video meetings and Telegram/Signal chats with them.
  • Bugs.

Steam Snap

  • Moved LD cache fix to post-refresh
  • Tried to optimize snapcraft to do less useless things :slight_smile:
  • Diagnosing runtime LIBGL issues