Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 1st July 2024

Hi everyone, below you will find updates from the Desktop team’s Integration squad from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Integration Squad Updates – Monday 24th June 2024

  • Worked through the poppler reverse dependency failures with a lot of help from Andreas Hasenack (who was doing +1 maintenance). The last one to figure out is inkscape. We forwarded the fixes to Debian and also to upstream in cases where the fixes weren’t already in upstream.
  • Helped identify the upload that caused all oracular builds to fail in Launchpad on Monday. The upload was removed and has been reuploaded without the part that caused the issue.
  • Filed MIRs for jpeg-xl and its dependency highway
  • Forwarded several fixes to Debian for minor issues identified during MIR preparation, jpeg-xl and highway
  • Disabled openexr support in Ubuntu’s jpeg-xl. I believe openexr support isn’t very helpful here until openexr-thumbnailer is packaged for gdk-pixbuf support. Even then, I’m not sure that .exr is a very common format but I don’t object if someone wants to do the MIR work for it.
  • Debian’s jpeg-xl was updated to 0.9 this week including gdk-pixbuf support for the first time
    – Updated gnome-backgrounds in Debian to version 46 (which uses jpeg-xl for the default wallpaper)
    – Updated Debian’s gnome-control-center to depend on the jpeg-xl gdk-pixbuf package
    – Updated gsettings-desktop-schemas to drop the patch avoiding the switch to the 46 default wallpaper. (This last change doesn’t affect most users since Debian has a different wallpaper provided by desktop-base.)
  • Filed a MIR for libdisplay-info. Also fixed its Debian watch file.
  • Debian Unstable switched to Python 3.12 as the default Python this week which prompted me to fix the syndication-domination packaging to correctly build for all supported Python3 versions.
  • Backported Ubuntu’s gdk-pixbuf recent security fix to Debian for inclusion in tomorrow’s expected final next-to-final Debian 11 stable update before it reaches regular End of Life
  • Miscellaneous other updates

How can we see and follow the progress of the mutter 46.2 package for 24.04? I can’t see it in

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Edit: It’s now available at 46.2-1ubuntu0.24.04.1 : mutter package : Ubuntu


maybe Nautilus and GNOME extensions should be packaged as snaps if GNOME foundation desires so :poodle:. Github is not so pleased Space for user to fetch something dong. There is also deb-get but needed is system solution IF GNOME and Github is on this incompenent.

Maybe some UI as snap will make user extensions more possible because snap could have plugs to HOME and other dirs. But I think that Google Chrome will precede this with their Chrome Operating Browser.

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thanks. I got it from proposed a couple of days ago. All good on an amd laptop.