Current status of the microcloud stack

It was mentioned here that microcloud was planned to be stable by the end of October. But I see microceph version is still something related to git, which is unusual for any stable snap I’ve seen. What is the current status for the microcloud stack?

There is now a stable release of microcloud. As far as I am aware there are stable versions of microceph and microovn (and of course LXD) however we are recommending to use the latest/edge version of microceph at the moment.

What’s the particular issue with the stable version of microceph?

Can the snap be updated and it will still keep working?

My mistake. You can use stable versions of all the snaps. So that would be:

  • microceph: quincy/stable or latest/stable.
  • microovn: 22.03/stable or latest/stable.
  • microcloud: latest/stable.
  • lxd: 5.18/stable, 5.19/stable, or latest/stable. Earlier versions of LXD are missing a snap content interface which is required for LXD to interact with microceph correctly.
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This is correct, thanks.

The recommendation from the MicroCeph team is to use a specific track, e.g. quincy/* because the underlying Ceph software doesn’t allow seamless upgrading or downgrading between major versions.