Creating Recaps and Highlights for UbuntuOnAir

To add to the editing of the highlights. We could put it up to the community to decide. Which are the best bits of the streams after the stream has ended. Using a discourse thread. As well as ask the guys in the Ubuntu Hideout to make a chat for that.
It would help speed up the process of editing old and new videos.
With clips the majority found interesting/informative to share with friends, interested in Ubuntu but haven’t switched.

In theory, I love this idea :sweat_smile: Can you maybe elaborate on what you’re thinking?

Talking about other people’s reviews? Sort of collecting a bunch of reviews from different perspectives and summarising? Or doing your own reviews?

@rhys-davies I can also help with recapping and highlights, so folks can decide at a glance which topics they want to delve into. And automatically drop the recap into a discourse channel (I think).

Like [this] ( for PHP and Angular Dev Environments part 1 | YannickOnAir (60 mins)


ps. Yannick can also take to promoting different topic snippets from his talk on social media.

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Hello! Thank you so much for joining us here! And this would be incredibly helpful - I think when people watch VODs, they’re much more likely to be looking for specific information, especially with ‘how to’ streams. @rhys-davies is on his next adventure, but he will be back as a community member in the near-ish future, but I’d be happy to chat with you about how we could help you with this!

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Hello @madhens, good to meet you. I was thinking of a simple process - every time there’s new content on the UbuntuOnAir channel, the recap process kicks off, and the recap is posted to a discourse channel (I think there’s a way to email to a discourse channel).

Happy to talk it over, maybe DM?

Sure! Actually, let me spin this off into a new topic, so we can keep it in the open and keep this original thread focused on the general call for content!

Hi @madhens! I didn’t want to litter the thread so tried to switch to DM but apparently your handle can’t be DMed…

Anyway, it would be helpful to understand:

  • What the process is on getting notified when new content is published on the Ubuntu OnAir channel - for example, are you the person in charge of guiding content to publication on YouTube? :slight_smile:

  • What discourse channel (as email address) do you think is best to drop the recaps into?

Excited to contribute.

Erk, I need to check that setting, since people do need to be able to message me. And since I moved our comments over to this thread all about highlights, I thought we could continue the conversation in public, so others could join if they wanted/see how it worked!

And as far as I understand, we dual stream to twitch and youtube, and the latter automatically uploads the video to youtube. The only thing we do after that is to add a thumbnail and then add the video to the right playlist.

Would having a new topic just for recaps help that process out? And that way it would be easier to find them!

Thanks for the info and good idea to open up the conversation.

For context, we’re a startup who built a bot called Neo. He recaps team meetings ('cause for teams that are spread out, someone’s bound to not make it to team meetings all the time).

We’re fans of OSS so we’re volunteering some of Neo’s time to recap certain OSS community meetings and videos, to hopefully benefit those OSS communities, and UbuntuOnAir seems like a good choice! :slight_smile:

Anway, it’d be great to find a way that makes the handoff process automatic and easy on both your end and ours.

The only thing we do after that is to add a thumbnail and then add the video to the right playlist.

  1. Would it be possible, as part of that process, that you notify Neo of the new content after it has been added to your YouTube playlist?

  2. And fill in the email with the discourse channel you prefer (as an email address)?

Open to suggestions…

Oooooh. How would Neo deal with the SSO you have to use to post to Discourse? (Though I guess there is only one way to find out…) And how would I enter it? If you could provide an example - say, using the community category as an example - that would be really helpful!

i have my account back and a new machine (my old one had a fault)