Call for Content

UbuntuOnAir has been back for a few months and we feel like it’s gone well. So, we’re going to step it up. We’re looking for people to join the channel!

We’re looking for anyone who wants to step up and run either a fortnightly, or monthly installment. Someone with something to say, or something to show. Whether it’s a live stream or something pre-recorded. It just has to be in some way Ubuntu related, or generally for the community, and we want to keep it light. Some ideas include:

  • Live code-along tutorials :computer:
  • Live-streamed or pre-recorded time-lapses of mascot art :art:
  • Application or hardware reviews :robot:
  • Bug fixing :bug:

If nothing else it’s a challenge to be consistent and create something on a regular basis. I won’t lie, it’s work, you have to turn up, and you have to do something. But, it’s also a lot of fun, especially if you have a co-host. We will support you and help you find your feet however we can.

Don’t worry about polish or things like audio and video quality just yet, we can think about that down the line. For now, we’d just love to see people giving it a go and using the platform how it’s intended. If you’re interested, reply below, or message me personally. If you think of someone else who might be interested, point them here, we want to hear from them. See you OnAir :blush:


Pinned initially for two weeks. Can’t let this get lost below the fold.

i would be happy to sit down and edit those 1hr long streams down into highlights for people like me who just want to watch quick highlights of the indaba’s and stuff.

As well as I would love to host Ubuntu game nights. not the usual game nights of streaming with the community. More of a show for the community to come along and watch, cheer and laugh. The community picks the game and staff that want to participate. Enter into a duel or verse each other in challenges depending on the game that gets picked.


If you have video editing skills and time and patience, I think we’d more than welcome this kind of contribution to make the UbuntuOnAir content more approachable and digestible, since catching up on hour-long shows is hard! @rhys-davies we could even make a playlist just for the highlights.

The idea of a game show for the community to watch is pretty brilliant. Have employees or even teams compete, and have the community pick the challenge/game. At the very least, that sounds like it could be a once a quarter event. Definitely interested in hearing more about this!


I do get great joy from editing. A playlist for highlights is a grand idea and definitely should be taken into consideration.

I honestly would love to see what the final form of the game show. The even more interesting part is. How would we go about setting it up? Do we just go “why not” jump in record/stream and edit? Or actually make it like this cool little event thing. Like wipeout where they introduce the challenger with some funny skit written about them? Or like WWE style type entrance into the camera? I guess that would be for a more further down the line thing


That is really tempting ! I’d be up for some monthly live coding sessions. I’ll have to think about subjects, though. What would the community be interested in ? Something different each month, or maybe a long term, community driven project ? I’m ok with either. Suggestions are welcome !

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for myself i wouldn’t mind learning python.
I started to learn it but life got in the way


@rhys-davies @madhens I would be interested in doing live programming and bug fixing sessions related to Unity7 and UnityX.

EDIT: Just noticed that these sessions need to be regular. Although I may not be able to commit for regular sessions, I’ll try to do it every once in a while.

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i could also do something, i could do some packaging related stuff, snaps and such.

i have just one problem i am not exacly an idea factory which has even been a problem for my youtube channel

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I am interested in hosting a session talking about application and hardware reviews.

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I think even an intro to packaging video would be incredibly helpful!

Made an account 'cause @madhens asked me to too :stuck_out_tongue: Hai! I can do things and stuff.