This plugin deploys COS, the Canonical Observability Stack.

Information: Only the Observability stack is deployed. The exporters are not yet integrated.

Enabling COS

To enable COS, run the following command:

sunbeam enable cos

Disabling COS

To disable COS, run the following command:

sunbeam disable cos

This will terminate the applications in the model but not remove them from the model. To do that, run the following:

juju destroy-model --destroy-storage --force --no-wait --no-prompt cos

Accessing the Grafana Dashboard

Once COS is deployed, you can use the Grafana dashboard to view the metrics and alerts configured. To get the URL of the dashboard use the dashboard-url command:

sunbeam cos dashboard-url

Sample output:

This URL points to the Grafana login page. The credentials to use can be retrieved using this command:

juju run --model cos grafana/leader get-admin-password

Sample output:

Running operation 1 with 1 task
  - task 2 on unit-grafana-0

Waiting for task 2...
admin-password: ********

Information: Only the initial admin password is displayed in above action. If the admin password is changed using the Grafana UI, a message Admin password has been changed by an administrator will be displayed.

The login page asks for the following information:

Email or username: admin
Password: ******

The login page looks like this:

Screenshot from 2023-08-03 09-14-48

After a successful login, you should see the landing page:

You can now look at the different dashboards configured.

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