Community Office Hours 23 September | Questions? Comments?

How is it almost time for Impish Indri already?! Since it’s been a few months since the Community Team started doing our Office Hours on stream, it’s time to take a step back, especially with a new release cycle almost here, and check in with you. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

How are you, our community members, doing? What’s going well? What still needs tweaking? What really, really, really needs fixing (besides the wiki, cause…we know. Oh, do we know.) The Community Team is here to support and promote you, and the more we know about where you need support, the more we can help. :muscle:

Office Hours will be at 2021-09-23T18:00:00Z - since Rhys is off saving the world, we can bump the time back, so we aren’t making his work day too long. :night_with_stars:

Feel free to leave your questions/comments/concerns/etc. here, or save them for the chat! These are more getting involved/contribution questions - more technical questions/comments/concerns about the Desktop, however, are perfect for the Desktop Indaba this Friday - especially any questions about Flutter! :bird: