Community Council meeting: 20180104

The first meeting of 2018 of the Ubuntu Community Council is going to take place on Thursday 4 January 2018 at 1700 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.







  • Progress from last meeting
    • wiki discussion
      • ACTION: @popey will produce a basic post on the Hub about the wiki, with a more extensive one to follow
    • LoCo Council update
      • All is well and good. Did well with their first meeting with lots of re-verifications.
      • ACTION: @wxl to invite LoCo Council to next meeting to hang out
    • 2018 Q1 events
      • ACTION: @jose to get the LoCo Council to provide a list of global events happening soon, with the goal of then having the CC picking an event to feature
    • monthly community member
      • ACTION: @aaronhoneycutt to create a Hub post call for nominations for monthly community member.
    • Google Code-In update
      • 7/25 according to rankings.
      • more tasks to be added.
      • ending before next meeting!
      • ACTION: EVERYONE to reach out to their community for any other ideas for Google Code-In tasks.
    • report on why CC list is not moderated
      • ACTION: @wxl to explore with IS the possibility of modifying the default moderation message
    • Hub federation to Planet
      • ACTION: @Wimpress to report back on the possibility of federating the Hub to Planet Ubuntu
    • CC resources
      • ACTION: @elacheche to compile list of CC resources.
    • GSoC application
      • ACTION: @popey @elopio @Wimpress to put their heads together to evaluate the possibility of applying for GSoC
    • changing meeting time and/or duration
  • New items
    • over time, so all new items tabled until next time, but we added some more over the course of the meeting:
      • ACTION: @wxl to add an agenda topic to next meeting concerned whether or not we should consider the hub as the only source for communication, with @elopio and @jose heading up the dicussion
      • ACTION: @wxl to check in on the status of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
      • ACTION: @elopio to create a document how to lead the meetings, including dealing with postings and such

Full meeting log:

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Ah, fooey, I screwed up the date. Fixed now. See you all tomorrow?

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…aaaaaaaand now I’ve reverted it back. Looks like we’ve got too many folks out for the holidays. So we’ll try again next year.

The agenda for next meeting is up now.

I’ve made a proposal for how to lead meetings:

Please, reply there with suggestions or corrections.

I would like to apologize for not being present as I proposed myself before but there was a family urgency I had to go to at the time of the meeting. I was AFK for a couple of hours and without internet access (in the car, rush hour…).

Apologies to all and hope to be able to attend a future one.


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