How to lead a Community Council meeting

The community council meets on IRC two times a month. Each meeting has a leader that is in charge of a few important details before, during and after the meeting. In here we will document those details, so we keep a consistent workflow and the leader doesn’t forget anything.

The leader role should rotate each month.

Before the meeting

During the meeting

  • At 17:UTC, start the meeting.
  • Send to the channel: #startmeeting Community Council meeting, yyyymmdd.
  • For each topic in the agenda, send to the channel: #topic Name of the topic.
  • If there are subtopics, send to the channel: #subtopic Name of the subtopic.
  • Every time there is an action for someone to do on the following days, send to the channel: #action Name of the action - @nick.
  • If it’s the last meeting of the month, choose the leader for the next month.
  • #endmeeting

After the meeting

  • Wait some time for the meeting logs to be published.
  • Update the meeting post with the summary of the meeting. Follow the template for meeting summaries