Carlos Maestre | Membership Application

Hello World!

My name is Carlos Maestre I am from the vibrant city of barranquilla, Colombia and I would like to submit my application to become an Ubuntu Member.

Past and current contributions:
14 years ago I use Linux, my first love Ubuntu 14.04 lts :3 and since 2019 I started as #Speaker and as a member organizer of FliSoL Medellin(Latin American Festival of free software installation)
[](https://Flisol Medellin) although Medellin is not my hometown I formed with my team concerning all these issues of events of dissemination of this beautiful culture.



I’m the one with the beard and bald head, yes and I use a vinie to cover it up xD)

[](https://Firt Meetup LinuxBQ)
[](https://Linux Amigable 2022 Republica Dominicana)

my path has led me to integrate with other communities that promote the use of free software and opensource as the community of LinuxDominicana (LinuxDO) being invited to give my first talk at international level (review video 1:17:25).

Currently my wife and I founded the first Linux community in my hometown Barranquilla, called LinuxBQ or also Linux Barranquilla, where we have had a huge acceptance and followers in our discord channels.

  • Commitment to the Community:

My dedication goes beyond the lines of code. I constantly seek opportunities to share my passion and knowledge about Linux, guiding others to the freedom and power of open source software.

  • Future Goals:

My commitment to Ubuntu does not end here. As a member, I aspire to continue to contribute to the growth and strengthening of our community. I plan to continue promoting the adoption of Linux in my hometown Barranquilla, facilitating collaboration between members and sharing the benefits of open source software with a wider audience.

I’m excited to continue to be an active part of the Ubuntu family and contribute to the future of open source software!

Please team, check my launchpad:
[Carlos A. Maestre Reyes in Launchpad](https://Launchpad Carlos A. Maestre)


Hello Carlos Maestre :smiley:

Your associations are notable and as well, commendable. Certainly worthy of recognition.
However, your application is lacking.
Please review:
Further required:
A link to your Launchpad profile
Testimonials to support your application

We too will want to know that you have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (Launchpad profile).

Once these matters are attended too I look forward to processing your application.



Hey there!, thanks for your recomendation!
I´ve edited and I have attached my launchpad link in my application.
If you wanna check please enter to: Carlos A. Maestre Reyes in Launchpad



ic3br34ker -
Great - I see here that you have signed the CoC.
You are making progress.

-keep on keep’n on-


Worthy the work of an activist, congratulations, for your work, a job for everyone !! making the future! greetings!!


Thanks for you words Bro! motivate us to continue this work and to offer the freedom of free knowledge.


Hello everyone,

Congratulations Carlos for the enthusiasm you have put into the community, I can personally recommend you as an active person in the community and he is very passionate about free software, you can count on the necessary support for whatever is needed

Successes! :grinning:


hi Carlos
Excellent resume, you can see your effort to participate in the community and your contributions, in advance my support for your successful application. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hey Jhosman, thanks and I appreciate your words.
Absolutely Man, thanks for your support! see ya soon!

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Bro :metal: Thanks for your words and support, the work is to continue sharing knowledge and that the new generations also continue with this! from my part also to the order in everything that is needed :smiley:

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A recommendation for Carlos @ic3br34ker , he volunteered to collaborate in the organization of the UBuConLA. I had the opportunity to work with him, structuring the list of speakers who would participate in the event. Carlos demonstrated exceptional commitment, throwing himself into all tasks that required assistance. After the event ended, Carlos expressed his desire to continue organizing more events in his hometown :colombia: . In fact, he has kept his word and is currently part of the organizing team of the 9th edition of UBuConLa 2024.

For all the above, it is my pleasure to support @ic3br34ker membership application. I am convinced that your request will be approved without reservation.

ES :venezuela:
Estoy convencido de que tu solicitud será aprobada , claro que Si . Saludos :coffee: :handshake:


Thank you very much for those words and your support Naudy :pray:, Bro, I receive them with humility and thank you very much as always for sharing your knowledge and experience in it. We will continue working always with the best attitude to share the knowledge to the new generations that need it. a hug my brother. :smiley:


A recommendation for Carlos @ic3br34ker , Carlos is a very valuable person for the community, not only locally where his performance and history is incredible, but also in global communities, where he is seen and where I was able to meet him!

After seeing his entire history, having crossed spaces with him, knowing them from UbuConLA, I think it is crucial for him to be approved as a member, since he would be a very valuable addition.

I hope to be able to travel this 2024 for the next UbuConLA and thus be able to greet you as a new Ubuntu Member!


Hi Carlos, congrats. It is pleasant to see those images, your support and collaboration are evident in them. I hope you continue to enjoy sharing your knowledge and good intentions


Woow it is an honor and moved by your words my friend, :smiley:I truly receive them with humility and appreciation :pray:. and we will continue to do so. as always from my part the best disposition to continue growing sharing knowledge with those who do not know and are hungry to know, hungry to learn. we will wait for you in barranquilla this 2024 and it will be an honor to have you Bro. :saluting_face:

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Thanks emerling, :pray:of course Bro, not only intentions but with knowledge, I think everyone has the right to know other technologies and we need to push and analyze how they want to receive this knowledge not only local but more global as juanzele said, this is of constancy that people already have the echo that there is free knowledge. Thanks for your support emerling. :grinning:

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A recommendation for Carlos @ic3br34ker

Carlos has been working in the Free Software community for some years, he started contributing to the install fest in Medellín Colombia (FLISoL Medellín). In 2023, I had the opportunity to meet him personally and to share the idea of organize the UbuConLA in that city, since that time he get involved in the Ubuntu Colombia community. He was vital for UbuConLA 2023, he was committed with the speakers and the whole program for the event; after the UbuConLA 2024 he was so excited that he started activities in Barranquilla with LinuxBQ and he proposed to make the UbuConLA 2024 in Barranquilla, and now we are working on that, he is leading this project.

With all of that in mind I support the @ic3br34ker membership application.

@ic3br34ker keep rocking with Ubuntu!


@linaporras thank you very much for those words and they move me, encourage me to continue supporting all these initiatives. from my heart I appreciate the recommendation and continue working on everything that is required not only in Medellin my hometown Barranquilla but for the country. truly it is with love and dedication by conviction.
From me always whatever you need wherever it is required.

Thank you @linaporras and let’s go for big things!


May all congratulate ic3br34ker; successful application for Ubuntu Membership.
Forward now onto “let’s go for big things!” The door is wide open :smiley:



Felicitaciones @ic3br34ker