Call for Unity7 Distro name:

Hi All,

I have received a license to distribute [Unity 7 Desktop Experience] and all the logos and trademarks thereof with blessings from Canonical. That name [Unity 7 Desktop Experience] was a generic name inserted in the form for me to change. I had consulted a quorum through email of unity7 maintainers team and we had decided on [ubuntu-unity] at the suggestion of team leader Khurshid. Would anyone else like to contribute some ideas before I send this off ? If you are in agreement with [ubuntu-unity] then just check in:slight_smile:

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Ubuntu United

Ubuntu Unity Edition


After re-reading the license agreement and sending it off, the two names we can use are [Unity 7 Desktop Experience] and [ubuntu-unity]. Perhaps we can change it throughout the cycle but for now the respin will be [ubuntu-unity-amd64.iso] and when that gets accomplished in an orderly fashion we will have a feasible ISO to test.


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I like that one :slight_smile:


Ubuntu-Unity with both with capitol U.
Actually, it doesn’t matter what name is chosen, as far as there’d be the “Unity Experience.”
And, let’s have one thread on this new derivative/experience/flavour, now you have the license.
The testing would be also be done here.


Ubuntu Unity is just fine, clear and everyone knows what it represents. Yubuntu isnt a bad name too as it phonetically reminds me of Ubuntu and Unity, it would also continue with tradition of *ubuntu flavors like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu once it gets official flavor status. Yubuntu has a certain charm to it though.


Yes, Yubuntu is a quite catching name!

Ubuntu Unity or Ubuntu Unity7

A lot of people pronounce Ubuntu like Yubuntu which would make Yubuntu a confusing name.

No new official flavor since Lubuntu in 2011 has adopted the *buntu naming style.

I would strongly steer away from *buntu names. Instead, we already have a well established naming scheme.

Ubuntu Foo Remix. So in your case this would be “Ubuntu Unity Remix”, or “Ubuntu Unity 7 Remix” to make it clear, and differentiate from a possible “Ubuntu Unity 8 Remix”.


Thanks for all this input. From legal we can use Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience or ubuntu-unity. The reason I want to use ubuntu-unity is so we do not lock it into a version number. My reasoning for proposing this flowchart is based that if unity 7 does get adopted as official flavor and a stable release of 18.04 is built and distributed then we can remain open to discussion of development of unity 9 in the development cycles after release of. 18.04. Some medias have wrongly assumed that unity7 Desktop Experience was canceled which , actually, it was not. We do know that unity8 is canceled for certain so it would not take any spin doctors to try to explain or rationalize away why there would be a jump from unity7 to unity9. So it is just my opinion that we could keep it simple for ubuntu-unity and a prefix letter, I don’t think, is tantamount.

So - basically, ubuntu-unity Unity 7 Desktop Experience for 18.04 and then other concepts and design flowcharts could be discussed after cycle. I would think it wise not to be too overly ambitious because it is hard to foresee how much of a resource drain it would be on the development community and maintainers communities and so an expectation of this sort may cause an air of competition or stress in some of the working communities. Then it is not a regression to remain status quo atm until a reasonably extrapolated preview of resources could be determined for a future community venture (unity9) of this sort.


I think many users would be thrilled to see Unity 9 in the future, modern rewrite of Unity 7 layout and functionality, but with support for Wayland etc. It could use the future Ubuntu theme that is currently discussed or create a theme based on the awesome Charmander concept with Suru/Numix icons. Now THAT would be the prettiest Linux desktop ever. Ubuntu Unity is a good choice for a name if Unity 9 is ever created, then there is no confusion about version numbers.

Hi Daedra,

This is very close to some of the templates I have in mind for unity9 development . I definitely want to lean on and utilize a lot of the great work that is currently going on in the gnome development stack. As I had mentioned earlier in the overall discussion, there may even be some additions and some things to experiment with come the new year. One example is that we might use nemo as default file manager and I may take a look at some of the work being done on mir and lxd containers and see if we can embed something running concurrently there :slight_smile:

That sounds very interesting and promising :slight_smile: I think Charmander is a brilliant concept, one that hopefully would not be too difficult to replicate by leaning on Gnome like you said by using new or modified extensions etc, fortunately Gnome is heavily customizable, launcher could be easily recreated with modified dash to dock extension, but I am guessing that Unity dash would require more work, Gnome Overview is inferior to it, but again an extension can probably take care of that and use zeitgeist for indexing like it is on Unity 7. I managed to replicate a whole lot of Unity 7 with extensions, but dash search and thumbnail preview not really, same goes with global menu which is a larger problem, but I can live without that. Looking forward to Ubuntu Unity with Unity 7 and hopefully for future Unity 9, thank you for your efforts :slight_smile: I cant contribute code unfortunately, but I will test any new developments and spread the word.

These would be some of the challenges the community would have to look at.

Testing in the field and on the tracker is which renders the ubuntus the refined products that they are today. :slight_smile:

I think Ubuntu Unity would be the best name, Yubuntu isn’t bad but Ubuntu Unity is a better representation of what we’re trying to achieve.

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Yes… ubuntu-unity-amd64.iso it will be. Of course the name will be “Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience”.


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I think we should request from Canonical permission to use the Ubuntu Unity name and a logo like the above [just a mockup] (alternatively we should/would have to do it in the style of other flavours - swap the colours of the Unity logo and then do a purple circle with a white U superscripted at the end)


Ubuntu Unity Edition sounds great.

It is really fun to see that a desktop that was criticized at first is getting attention from a community now. I really appreciate it.

I think that Ubuntu Unity is clear and elegant. I don’t see the need for an extra “Edition”, since no other flavour uses that naming convention.

By the way, is there already a plan about how to handle gnome native apps such as nautilus? If I remember correctly, some apps were retained at a lower version and patched to have a nice look and feel integrated in Unity but now that Ubuntu is going full gnome, what’s gonna happen with these issues?