Call for Unity7 Distro name:

We are going to keep nautilus for now unless it is suggested otherwise. One of the plans is use nemo in 18.10. If ubuntu-unity becomes official flavor then perhaps we can incorporate some of these ideas during this cycle.

Wow… thanks for your positive review.


Name “Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience” sounds Good. Totally OPTIONAL: if possible add Nemo with Unity patches with a good default icon set and desktop theme.

I second that you follow the well established naming scheme mentioned by @popey, and suggest that you use “Ubuntu Unity Remix” for now.

Hopefully, “Ubuntu Unity Remix” will someday ship with both Unity 7 and Unity 8 (or Yunit or another related fork). And hopefully, someday soon after that, “Ubuntu Unity Remix” will become an official flavour, and which time it should be renamed simply as “Ubuntu Unity” much like other flavours are named.

When Ubuntu MATE was going through this process I was advised that the *ubuntu names were now protected and should not be used.

As @popey said, current convention is Ubuntu Thing Remix while your flavour is unofficial. Once you’ve got the builds running on Launchpad, you’re now an official flavour, and you can drop the Remix and just become Ubuntu Thing.

I like Ubuntu Unity, it clearly describes what the distro is. I agree with @Blenderudit that the trailing Edition is superfluous. @dale-f-beaudoin I think you’re wise to avoid the number 7 in the name :slight_smile:


Plus 1 for ubuntu Unity .

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Hi Martin,

This is what we are looking forward to use so as to keep the prospect of further development of Unity open later in this cycle , or , perhaps the next.

I am working with CL on this very thing. Thats about all I can say on that matter atm. But you are right - so we are respectful of this and if re-arrangements have to be made , they will. Your help and advice greatly appreciated.


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@dale-f-beaudoin In addition to getting legal approval you will also need to seek approval from the Technical Board to add a new flavour.

Here is my request for Ubuntu MATE:

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Totally agree… I’ve always hated that name, there was really no point of adding a static number (especially when it was in the year of win7), but it wasn’t my fault :angel:.

So please don’t. :slight_smile:


Thanks Martin,

I had sent an e-mail off to the Technical Board. Will Cooke said this would be painless :slight_smile: hehehe If I hear anything I will apprise the team forthright.


I don’t see the mail to the techboard in the archive. Where did you send it?


If you see it I would appreciate any input you have on possible edits I could insert.


Hi Team and all,

I now have the license to distribute ‘Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience’ and the caveat ‘ubuntu-unity’ along with all the ubuntu trademarks and logos. I would like to thank everyone for your patience.



Since this is now a settled issue, I’m going to lock the thread here to prevent future posts from muddying the waters.