BTRFS support missing in new flutter-based installer

Just downloaded the new 23.10 iso and installed it on my Dell laptop. The new installer is stable and smooth; however one feature is missing, which is the support for BTRFS install.

In the legacy installer, if one chose to format the root partition as BTRFS, the installer will create two subvolumes, @ for / and @home for home, it’s a nice feature and I really hope the new installer can have it.

What do you think? Comment please.

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Having just come into contact with this (tried to install Timeshift onto a fresh install of Ubuntu), would agree that the support for the old subvolume layout would be nice. Or at least, Ubuntu needs to update documentation to explicitly state they don’t use subvolumes any more.

Remember which partition is for such something when snap according fstab is some huge list something is for maybe some usage research or distro(or app) tweaks when some futher advances in this field are required for smooth sail…