Boot option for the new installer of Ubuntu Desktop?

It would be nice to avoid getting into the new installer, when the intention is to run a live session of Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop.

There is a corresponding boot option for Ubiquity: maybe-ubiquity.

Is there something similar for this new installer?

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Do you know if there is some boot option or other setting that can be used in grub in order to get a clean live session (without getting into the installer of Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop)?

With the new installer I don’t have a live session so other partitions on my PC are not visible.

@corradoventu, I think we misunderstand each other. When I boot into a USB drive made from the Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop iso file, it comes to a window “Welcome to Ubuntu” offering a choice of languages and in the next step to install or try Ubuntu. This corresponds to the “maybe-ubiquity” option for Ubiquity, and I want to get rid of it.

There is no problem for me to see the internal drive for example with lsblk and partitions there can be mounted.