Behaviour > User Settings

It should be possible for users to set their preferences on a per-user level, and, where possible, not have these settings over-ridden by system level settings.

Initial settings could be:

  • Show on-screen alerts (default: true)
    • A user may want a more ‘focused’ experience with fewer distractions, and may opt to disable the on-screen alerts.
    • The user would still see the number of unread notifications in the UI and have access to the full list in the notification centre.
  • Email notifications (default: false)
    • When enabled, a copy of each notification would also be sent by email.
    • A user may sign in only infrequently, but still want to be notified of important issues.
  • Hide information-only notifications (default: false)
    • A user may only want warnings and error messages, to reduce the volume and allow them to react to only important messages.
  • Default snooze period (default: 5 minutes)
    • It’s imagined that product owners can set the default snooze period for both the application and for individual notifications or notification types - where this is not set, the user’s preferred default would be used.