Autopkgtest Service

This post is used to convey information about the autopkgtest service which is managed by the Ubuntu QA team and any issues with that service. Bugs about the service should be reported in Launchpad.

  • The amd64 queue is being slowly consumed due to failures to provision test systems in the data center. This is tracked in an RT submitted to Canonical IS.
  • Tests run in bos01 and bos02 (arches arm64, ppc64el, and s390x) are currently configured to use as their mirror. This is due to a slow connection to ftpmaster.internal which is being tracked in an RT submitted to Canonical IS. Its possible that some tests may fail due to being behind (not having the same packages) as ftpmaster.internal.
  • The s390x queue may be consumed slowly due to an issue with a specific host in bos02. This can be temporarily resolved by having IS restart neutron services on the host and it has been reported in an RT submitted to Canonical IS.
  • During the weekend of 2023-03-25 all autopkgtest queues were not being processed due to a configuration error which has been resolved as of 2023-03-27 16:00 UTC.