Autopkgtest Service

This post is used to convey information about the autopkgtest service which is managed by the Ubuntu QA team and any issues with that service. Bugs about the service should be reported in Launchpad.

  • The s390x queue may be consumed slowly due to an issue with a specific host (s0lp4) in bos02. This can be temporarily resolved by having IS restart neutron services on the host and it has been reported in an RT submitted to Canonical IS. Neutron was last restarted on 2024-03-01. [Updated 2024-03-01]
  • We currently have an issue when writing test results to the database, leading to potential duplicate entries. If you see two results with the same UUID, they’re just the same result, and there is no further issue. As this is not blocking progress, we will keep that issue until the stress on the infrastructure is lower and we have more freedom to perform an offline fix in the database.
  • All tests outside of armhf from around 2024-03-20 to 2024-03-26 inadvertently used the release pocket only, causing false results (notably false passes). The Noble results have been rewritten to say no-proposed=1 in the env field and become errors. This has not been done for stable releases, which may still have some false passes.
  • All stable release tests (bionic, focal, jammy, mantic) are currently paused to provide more resources for tests on noble. [Updated 2024-04-18]

If you think you’ve found an issue that is not already documented or for which a bug report has not been created please mention qa-help or ping @bdmurray, @paride, @andersson123, or @hyask in #ubuntu-devel on