Autoinstall Ubuntu 22.04 in Air Gapped network

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone can point me in some direction. In our environment, we support a high number of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS desktops all in an air-gapped network. We also have a mirror of the Ubuntu repositories on the air-gapped network that allows us to perform updates and installs of other packages in the repo.

Over the past months I’ve been working to migrate our PXE imaging process from the legacy pre-seed (d-i) method over to the newer autoinstall (subiquity) method. Those familiar with the process will know that it’s meant that we move from using the Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop ISO to the Ubuntu 20.04 Server ISO. This change really didn’t affect us too much as we were able to include the apt package ubuntu-desktop in the autoinstall section of the user-data file.

Now, fast forwarding to getting this to work with Ubuntu 22.04, the first problem I’m running into is a crash during the autoinstall process when trying to install ubuntu-desktop-minimal because it can’t install the firefox snap. I am sure that there’s going to be a few more snap related bumps because I’m on an air-gapped network, but I figured I’d go ahead and ask to see if anyone else already has a solution to this problem?

Some thoughts I had was looking into if it’s possible to download the snaps and populate them somewhere on the local install through an early-command wget or something of that nature. I’ve also thought that maybe I’d have better luck dealing with the ubuntu-desktop install during the cloud-init install phase and handle it through an ansible-pull playbook.

Any thoughts or directions are truly appreciated.

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