API Methods: Event Log

Methods for retrieving or exporting an account’s Event Log


Retrieve event log entries for the account, ordered by creation time.

days: The number of days prior to today from which to fetch log entries.
limit: The maximum number of results returned by the method. It defaults to 1000.
offset: The offset inside the list of results.

For example, the following returns the last 7 days for event log entries in the account, limiting the result to 100 entries:


The method returns a JSON representation of the log entries returned:

        "creation_time": "2014-09-16T18: 37: 45Z",
        "entity_id": 2,
        "entity_name": "WebServer1",
        "entity_type": "Computer",
        "id": 1,
        "message": "Added tag \"apache\" to computer \"WebServer1\"",
        "person_id": 3,
        "person_name": "John Smith"