Announcing the Multipass 1.12.0 release

Multipass version 1.12.0

A new Multipass release!

There are some significant changes in this release:

  1. This is the last release that will support the hyperkit driver on macOS. This version includes a way to migrate existing Hyperkit-based Multipass instances to Qemu-based Multipass instances. Simply issuing:
    $ multipass set local.driver=qemu
    is enough to migrate the Hyperkit instances. Also, please follow the instructions given at the multipass client command line.

    Important Note:
    Along with this, Apple dropped support for macOS 10.15 on September 12, 2022, so this will be the last Multipass minor release supporting macOS 10.15, ie, version 1.13 will only support macOS 11 and newer.

  2. When using native mounts on Windows, the password prompt every time is no longer necessary and makes for a much better user experience.

  3. The Snap package for Linux platforms is now based on core22.

  4. Snapcraft images are now available on Apple M1/M2.

Installers for Windows and macOS are available now, and the Snap is available in the stable snap channel:

snap refresh multipass --stable


snap install multipass --stable

Note about Snap 32-bit ARM support in Multipass
KVM support for 32-bit ARM was dropped beginning with the 5.7 Linux kernel. Since we moved to the core22 base Snap, the header we need for compiling Multipass is no longer available on 32-bit ARM, so we can no longer support this architecture. Sorry for any inconvenience on this matter.

More Highlights

  1. Updated a number of third party modules to newer release versions:
  • QEMU to v8.0
  • libssh to v0.10.4
  • POCO to v1.12.4
  • gRPC to v1.52.1
  1. multipass find is much more friendly when displaying regular images and Blueprints.
  2. More time is now allowed when shutting down QEMU instances to avoid corruption of the virtual disk.
  3. On Apple M1/M2, more than 8 cores and more than 4GB of memory may be allocated to instances.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • mount/unmount foreign folder bug (#1405)
  • Launching via icon spawns new tray processes (#2900)
  • [macOS] Inconsistent mounting when using mount --type native on restart (#2917)
  • multipass launch pads its output to 80 characters with whitespace (#958)
  • [mounts/windows] Mounting a native mount during instance start is very slow (#2934)
  • False error: timeout on start VM from template (#2772)
  • Multipass GUI notification gets annoying after a while (#2975)
  • [cli/info] multipass info --all does not list deleted instances (#2936)
  • Flooding in the events log (#1712)
  • multipass list shows logs reading of /etc/ssh/ssh_config is DENIED (#2754)
  • info reports wrong disk numbers for core-based instances (#1245)
  • The client checks and complains about disabled mounts unecessarily (#2981)
  • Transferring non-plaintext files in or out of the virtual machine corrupts the files (#2990)
  • multipass find does not honour “remote” arg with blueprints (#2957)
  • [windows] download progress flickering (#1532)
  • VM instances do not remember mount points (#2986)

You can find the full list of changes since 1.11.1 in our v1.12.0 milestone and even more detailed in the full commit log.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also on #multipass on Libera Chat. See you there :slight_smile: