[ANN.] dl-ubuntu-test-iso : An easy way to download latest daily images

To download daily images, I’ve been using a script called dl-ubuntu-test-iso from the project ubuntu-qa-tools. This little gem has been written by Steve Beattie in 2008 and is still actively maintained. Unfortunately it is not very discoverable.

Just on time for the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, as a tribute and my contribution, I packaged it as a snap.

It is immediately available from the snap store.

You can install it from the snap-store app (search for “test iso” for example), or from the command line by running:

snap install dl-ubuntu-test-iso

Once installed you’re ready to download and test tons of gigabytes of ISO images.

To download the latest image of Ubuntu Focal and all the flavours run:

dl-ubuntu-test-iso --variant=desktop --arch=amd64 --release=focal --build=pending --isoroot=/data/iso/

To restrict to only the flavour you’re interested in, for example kubuntu

dl-ubuntu-test-iso --flavor=kubuntu --variant=desktop --arch=amd64 --release=focal --build=pending --isoroot=/data/iso/

If you want to store the images directly on a removable media don’t forget to connect the corresponding interface either via the permission dialog in the snap-store app, or from the command line with

snap connect dl-ubuntu-test-iso:removable-media

For a complete list of options refer to --help or the README included (/snap/dl-ubuntu-test-iso/current/usr/share/doc/dl-ubuntu-test-iso/dl-ubuntu-test-iso.README)

Do not hesitate to report any bug you may find with the packaging or the tool.

Happy testing everyone!