Anbox Cloud 1.8.0 has been released


The Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.8.0.

New Features & Improvements

  • Camera can now be provided with video and static images as content via the Anbox HTTP API
  • A new ANBOX_EXIT_CODE environment variable is provided to the backup hook of addons to provide information if Anbox terminate correctly or not
  • Crashpad is now used for crash dump reporting in Anbox
  • Sensors exposed to Android can now be provided with data via the Anbox HTTP API
  • Prometheus endpoint of the Anbox Stream Gateway now supports TLS and HTTP basic authentication.
  • AMS now supports multiple architectures in the connected LXD cluster
  • NVIDIA GPU support for ARM (rendering only, encode will come with 1.9)
  • Upgrade to etcd 3.4
  • Anbox Stream SDK now supports native applications (Linux, Android)
  • Anbox provides support for Perfetto based tracing via its HTTP API
  • A custom expiration timeout can now be set for service accounts created for the Anbox Stream Gateway
  • HA support in the Anbox Stream Gateway was improved and stabilised
  • The Coturn charm now supports HA
  • Applications in AMS can now provide a free-form version field in their manifest to allow users to identify which application version is based on which APK version


  • LP #1898180 AMS fails when related to Anbox registry due to missing certificate
  • LP #1901513 Don’t join Dqlite cluster if gateway is not able to start
  • LP #1901573 Coturn charm does not remove Debian package and configuration
  • LP #1900704 HA attach fails if other application was already attached on same machine
  • LP #1901185 Manually pulling an application from registry crashes AMS
  • LP #1901511 UA layer fails in HA
  • LP #1884526 Dqlite shouldn’t start in cluster if its certs aren’t setup
  • LP #1889923 Stream stops when browser window is resized
  • LP #1895009 UA Token is printed when attach failed
  • LP #1896813 Picture recorded via the camera app is corrupted
  • LP #1896953 Make getevent Android tool work with Unix sockets in /dev/input
  • LP #1897085 Take a picture from the Uber driver application causes the application crash
  • LP #1897277 Streaming gives a black screen on iOS Safari
  • LP #1898220 A native crash occurs when doing a video recording from camera applications
  • LP #1898698 Video stream is empty after joining existing session
  • LP #1898740 LXD unit fails to stop when storage pool still has containers
  • LP #1899324 Video recording doesn’t work out on swrast platform
  • LP #1899658 SensorManager thread run into a busy loop
  • LP #1901021 checksum of dmp file is different from the original log file pulled out from the LXD container
  • LP #1901194 Anbox Stream Gateway doesn’t register dashboard with Grafana
  • LP #1901197 Android streaming example hangs after adding the audio support
  • LP #1901668 Stream SDK should time out if WebRTC connection is not established in time
  • LP #1901744 Anbox hangs at time when container is terminated
  • LP #1884498 Improve error when application has an APK with unsupported ABIs
  • LP #1888383 Supply extra-properties upon Anbox session startup broke the Android container startup
  • LP #1892410 Containers hangs after anbox-system-update failed
  • LP #1896789 uiautomator crashes in anbox-shell
  • LP #1897790 Read ua-token from include-file://
  • LP #1898697 anbox-stream-sdk. _unregisterControls is not working correctly
  • LP #1894978 Sanitise prepare hook upon an addon creation

Upgrade Instructions

Please see the general upgrade guide for instructions of how to update your Anbox Cloud deployment to the 1.8.0 release.