Anbox Cloud 1.18.2 has been released


The Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.18.2.

Please see component versions for a list of updated components.

New features & improvements

Important notes

For 1.18.2 version and later, if you have a load balancer with proper TLS certificates placed in front of the Anbox stream agent and if you have set the location of the Anbox stream agent, TLS pinning must be disabled by running:

juju config anbox-stream-agent tls_use_pinning=false

Otherwise, Anbox containers will fail to communicate with the stream agent.

Bug fixes

  • When upgrading Anbox Cloud, the Reboot required to activate new kernel or GPU drivers message when running juju status does not clear even after rebooting and clearing the notification.
  • Honkai: Star Rail game had alpha blending issues and displayed a pink rectangle during game play.
  • Invalid argument error occurs when configuring kernel parameters during the LXD charm upgrade.
  • Cannot set a node as unschedulable using the unschedulable parameter when updating a node via PATH method to endpoint(1.0/nodes).
  • Applications requiring camera and microphone do not work in Anbox Cloud version 1.18.0 or later because of a change to the wire protocol between the WebRTC client and server.
  • In the Anbox Stream Gateway Charm, TLS pinning is not enabled even after the tls_use_pinning configuration is set to true.
  • LP 2024144 The Grafana dashboard displays incorrect metrics for streaming stack.
  • LP 2020801 Accessibility service crashes on Android 13 for Anbox Cloud.
  • LP 2024426 Anbox Application Registry (AAR) loses metadata on upgrade.
  • LP 2024559 The LXD storage pool size is not evaluated during the initialisation of Anbox Cloud Appliance.
  • LP 2025058 The Anbox Cloud stream fails with an error Anbox stream failed Error: signaling timed out.

Upgrade instructions

See Upgrade Anbox Cloud or Upgrade the Anbox Cloud Appliance for instructions on how to update your Anbox Cloud deployment to the 1.18.2 release.

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