Anbox Cloud 1.18.1 has been released


The Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.18.1.

Please see component versions for a list of updated components.

New features & improvements

  • Android security updates for June 2023 (See Android Security Bulletin - June 2023 for more information).
  • The Android WebView has been updated to 114.0.5735.53.
  • Improve our emulation GL stack to deal with the case that some games provide incomplete texture and caused broken graphics output.

Bug fixes

  • AC-1558 Fix the crash caused by the boot-application-relaunced watchdog when streaming the Beach Buggy Racing application in the portrait mode.
  • AC-1560 Require a user confirmation when executing amc start <container_id> for containers with an error state. This fix is added so that users are aware that starting a container from an error state drops the container logs.
  • AC-1570 Add an intuitive error message in certain cases that directs users to check the snap access. Prior to 1.18.1, Creating an application from a directory gives a vague error message (e.g no such file or directory: /my-app) which might not reflect the real reason for failure. For example, when the directory exists but the AMC snap cannot access the directory.
  • AC-1600 Fix the permission denial error when broadcasting ACTION_CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS intent from AOSP calendar app.
  • AC-1606 Fix the image ID out-of-sync issue when adding an image into AMS. This fix enables people to launch a raw container with an image ID returned from the amc image add command.
  • AC-1608 Fix the InputReader: Received unexpected event error when enabling the touch emulation by default. This fix avoids unexpected events sent from the client to the Android container resulting in multiple error logs showing up during Android runtime.
  • AC-1611 Fix the issue in web dashboard when the Session ID was truncated in the session view.
  • AC-1612 Fix the issue in Anbox Cloud web dashboard when occasionally the navigation bar of the Android system may not appear.
  • AC-1624 Fix the broken graphical output during the game play of Bingo Blitz.
  • AC-1625 Fix the broken graphical output during the game play of Slotomania.

Upgrade instructions

See Upgrade Anbox Cloud or Upgrade the Anbox Cloud Appliance for instructions on how to update your Anbox Cloud deployment to the 1.18.1 release.