Anbox Cloud 1.16.4 has been released


The Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.16.4.

This is an out-of-order release to mitigate a bug found with newer versions of LXD, specifically the 5.0.2 update to the 5.0 LTS release series. The bug prevents containers from starting when LXD 5.0.2 is installed. If you’re running LXD 5.0.2, you must update the Anbox image that you’re using.

Please see the component versions for a list of updated components.

New features & improvements



  • AC-1320 Anbox containers fail to start with LXD 5.0.2

Upgrade instructions

See Upgrade Anbox Cloud or Upgrade the Anbox Cloud Appliance for instructions on how to update your Anbox Cloud deployment to the 1.16.4 release.