Anbox Cloud 1.16.1 has been released


The Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.16.1.

Please see the component versions for a list of updated components.

New features & improvements


  • AC-1222 ext4 online metadata check service is active but should not be
  • AC-1229 Appliance bootstrap doesn’t fail when an Juju unit ends up in an error status
  • AC-1230 The gpu-slots remains 0 occasionally even after AMS detects NVIDIA GPU type
  • AC-1235 ANGLE for null platform attempts to initialise Vulkan renderer
  • AC-1264 Fatal exception occurred to when launching an application (Android 13 based) with boot package
  • AC-1267 Data channels fail to connect

Upgrade instructions

See Upgrade Anbox Cloud or Upgrade the Anbox Cloud Appliance for instructions on how to update your Anbox Cloud deployment to the 1.16.1 release.