Anbox Cloud 1.13.0 has been released


The Anbox Cloud team is pleased to announce the release of Anbox Cloud 1.13.0.

Please see component versions for a list of updated components.

New features & improvements

OpenGL ES 3.2 support

After supporting only OpenGL ES 3.1 for a long time, Anbox Cloud finally adds full OpenGL ES 3.2 support for NVIDIA GPUs and software rendering. This added support provides increased compatibility with available Android games.

Direct rendering for AMD and Intel GPUs

Since the beginning of Anbox Cloud, graphics APIs were exposed to the Android container through a
translation layer, and the actual execution of commands happened on the outside. With 1.13, Anbox Cloud enables direct GPU access inside the Android container for AMD and Intel GPUs based on the open source Mesa driver. This direct access provides better performance and stability and increases compatibility.

Currently, direct rendering is available only when using GPUs. In Anbox Cloud 1.14, software rendering will be migrated to direct rendering too.

Direct rendering supports OpenGL ES up to version 3.2 depending on driver and hardware availability. Vulkan support will be added in Anbox Cloud 1.14.


Known issues


Bug fixes

  • AC-732 Anbox session(WebRTC platform) crashed when reconnecting the signaller(stream gateway)
  • AC-731 Stream SDK: getId() returns invalid ID
  • AC-727 Cast player: add implementation for canonicalLogout
  • AC-726 The AAM inject-system-signature exited with an error when injecting system signature from an APK comes with none default RSA and SF files
  • AC-724 LXD cluster looses its ams0 storage pool when node failed to get added to the cluster
  • AC-719 Anbox session aborted due to stack smashing detected
  • AC-715 [Doc] Fix “Deploy on bare metal”
  • AC-712 Android crash in Mesa on not allowed sched_getaffinity syscall
  • AC-710 node-controller: add health check for LXD event listener
  • AC-709 AMS charm attempts to use the service before it is ready which fails HA deployment
  • AC-707 gateway-multiple-clients deploys charm from charm store rather than the local one
  • AC-706 AMS becomes stuck and doesn’t process objects after leadership handover
  • AC-703 Node remains marked as online even if it is removed from the LXD cluster
  • AC-698 Android prints glUtilsParamSize: unknow param 0x0000826d when running deqp tests
  • AC-697 Application versions are not correctly handled when two versions share the same image
  • AC-696 NewPipe fails to load some videos
  • AC-695 Audio recording app cannot playback m4a recordings
  • AC-694 BombSquad has artefacts at start because of invalid gyro
  • AC-692 Image alias of app version sharing image with another version is not removed
  • AC-690 Plex fails to reach server
  • AC-688 NewPipe fails to load any video
  • AC-686 Weather app fails to connect to the internet
  • AC-685 Recorder app crashes when saving the recording
  • AC-683 Streaming restart is delayed unnecessarily by a second
  • AC-682 Container shuts down when peer connection switches into failed state
  • AC-681 Can’t stream video from NewPipe application
  • AC-680 Android log is spammed with glUtilsParamSize unknown param warning when running Firefox
  • AC-673 Android reports “Native format mismatch” error when running with Mesa and swrast
  • AC-670 Android crashes with dangling file descriptor in Mesa
  • AC-664 Application watchdog was triggered in some cases when enabling the virtual keyboard
  • AC-656 Deleting an instance fails with FormatException
  • AC-655 Resuming instances fails with “instance is still active”
  • AC-653 spread/multiple-gateway-clients broken when using ua_source
  • AC-652 Remove deprecated enable_dev_ui option
  • AC-651 Anbox crashes in IOStream::read
  • AC-637 AMS Cannot Use AAR And Push Application To S3 : EntityTooLarge
  • AC-621 Anbox shutdown hangs in anbox::webrtc::metrics::TelegrafBackend::~TelegrafBackend
  • AC-620 Anbox session does not generate crashdump on crash
  • AC-600 Anbox leaks memory on NVIDIA GPUs
  • AC-586 Android 10 fails to boot up
  • AC-579 BPF support is enabled but should not
  • AC-577 Android 12 aborts in SurfaceFlinger with direct rendering on AMD GPUs
  • AC-574 Only restart Coturn when necessary
  • AC-567 Node controller leaves old iptables rules
  • AC-565 camera-support:swrast test case fails with serious error
  • AC-559 SurfaceFlinger fails to start at times
  • AC-558 Anbox crashes in glBindFramebuffer or swrast
  • AC-540 Race in the gateway signaller
  • AC-490 Fix documentation on scaling down
  • AC-473 Addons are not listed in the output of amc application ls for the bootstrapping application
  • AC-405 Collector logs many “Previous status (…) for container … differs from cache” errors
  • AC-396 amc benchmark removes containers it hasn’t created

Upgrade instructions

See Upgrade Anbox Cloud or Upgrade the Anbox Cloud Appliance for instructions on how to update your Anbox Cloud deployment to the 1.13 release.