An update on ~~App Store~~ Ubuntu Store

Ubuntu winkel = Ubuntu store
App winkel = App store
Sagteware winkel = Software store
Afrikaans language

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What about “App Bazaar”?


What if the store is named … Ubuntu Snap Store.
The server is hosting all snap applications, true?

Ubuntu Mantic 23.10 snap-store 0+git.ee184ea 1034 latest/stable/
In the 1St screen I see shotwell, if I click on it I see shotwell but I search for apps and enter ‘shotwell’ i have no result.

IMHO, Snap Store Itself is the best name, not specific to any distro but only to its utility, like for flatpaks you go to flathub, for snap you go to snap store thats it.
P.S. That name also very clearly makes the user aware about what they expect from the store just like one expects flatpaks from flathub , hence i think its the best name for the store. Simple & Meaningful, true to its nature & function.

"Snap Store, For Everything Snappy :parrot: "

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Lekker, ek sey. Nice to see fellow South Africans here.

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Uit die State vertaal ek net die taal.

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I still like “App center”. But following @aaronprisk… “App Bazaar”? :smiley:


“Bazaar” in italian is sometimes used to refer to a confusing and unorganized store. It is not a “bad” place, but sometimes it’s used for a store with a lot of different things and not well organized.
I don’t know if it’s used in the same way in other languages :slight_smile:

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I’d say it has similar connotations in American English, plus it has shades of Orientalism to me :man_shrugging:

It also sounds very similar to or is pronounced the same as the word “bizarre”.

Yeah, in Spanish is the same. In fact, if you read “The cathedral and the bazaar”, it explicitly says it :slight_smile:


Same in German. Sometimes we use “bazaar” in the context of a sales process or store being somewhat unprofessional or chaotic.


The primary goal is graphical apps so its not designed as a discovery mechanism for everything in say the main archive.

Ubuntu Bazaar

I can’t recall who first raised it, but my worry is that Bazaar is just another word for Store. If we want to avoid the connotations of a ‘paid’ place for apps. But also I think @jupiter makes a good point above.

Snap Store

This name emphases the technology and not the purpose, and additionally we’ll support deb packages so I don’t think name is right.

App Center

I think this is the best name so far. We can address “center” vs “centre” in the .desktop file, it emphases that this is about user-space “apps” and not cli tools/libraries/applications like “libssl-dev”, and it doesn’t have “Ubuntu” in the name so no additional tweaks needed for flavours who want to use the new store.

Lets assume that we’ll go with “App Centre” and see how we feel about that in a few days time.


“Hub” can also be interesting: Application Hub, Software Hub.

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I do find “App Bazaar” more than a little amusing, because it does somewhat describe what the Snap ecosystem looks like at times! I find that a little bit charming, even if that isn’t eventually the right name for the store functionality.

“App Centre” is a pretty good starting point, too.


I have 23.10 upgraded from 23.04 via do-release-upgrade -d. The Snap Store did not switch its channel automatically, so I did it manually. I discovered that there exists a channel latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10, thus the command was
sudo snap refresh snap-store --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10
Is it the right channel to test the new App Center?

That is the correct channel, I would consider also changing to the same channel for Firefox if that hasn’t switched either to enable the Wayland support by default. It would be good to report a bug on your situation if possible as I’ve heard this a couple of times.


Thanks for the quick response.
My apology, I missed that this issue has been discussed in the neighbor thread on Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Testing (here).


The new App Centre now looks nice

However, I found a design inconsistency in the new App Centre

In Nautilus 45 the left sidebar is grey, while in the new App Centre the sidebar is white. It would be nice if this could be corrected.

The new app store also does not support the manual installation of DEB files. To install a .deb file, you have to install Gnome Software. (eg Download Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as DEB and double click on it in nautilus to install is no longer possible)

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This is already adapted inside the yaru libs and will be used probably in the future


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