AMC command reference: remote

The remote command allows interacting with remote Anbox Management Service (AMS) daemons. See How to control AMS remotely for more information.

amc remote <subcommand>


The following subcommands are available:


Add a remote AMS daemon. Note that if you set up a trust password on the daemon, provide the password when running the command.

amc remote add <remote_name> <remote_url> [trust_password] --accept-certificate

where --accept-certificate is to implicitly accept the remote server certificate.


List registered remotes. You can also use the alias ls.

amc remote list --format=json

where --format is to control output formatting. The valid values are table, json and csv. The default format is table.


Remove a registered remote.

amc remote remove <remote_name>


Set the default remote which is the primary remote used for requests.

amc remote set-default <remote_name>


Set the URL of an existing remote.

amc remote set-url <remote_name> <remote_url>