AMC command reference: launch

The launch command launches an instance.

amc launch <app_id | image_id> [options]

The following options are available:

Option Input type Description Default value
-a, --addons String Comma-separated list of addons to install in the instance. Applicable for raw instances only.
-c, --cpus Integer Number of CPU cores to be assigned for the instance. 2
--devmode Enables developer mode for the instance. Disabled
--disable-watchdog Disables watchdog for the instance. Applicable for regular instances only.
-d, --disk-size String Disk size of the instance. 3 GB for a container instance;
15 GB for a virtual machine instance
--enable-graphics Enables graphics for the instance Disabled
-f, --features String Comma-separated list of features to enable for the Anbox runtime inside the instance
-g, --gpu-slots Integer Number of GPU slots to be assigned for the instance. -1
-h, --help Displays help information for the command
-m, --memory String Memory to be assigned for the instance 3GB
--metrics-server String Metrics server to which the instance sends its data
--no-wait Indicates not to wait for the instance to start Disabled
-n, --node String Indicates the LXD node to use for creating the instance
-p, --platform String Indicates the Anbox platform to use null platform
-r, --raw Creates a raw instance for the specified image instead of an application instance
-s, --service String array Services to expose on the instance’s IP endpoint for external access (public or private)
--tags String Comma-separated list of tags to set for the instance
-t, --timeout String value that indicates the maximum time to wait for the operation to complete. The default value is 5m.
--userdata String Additional user data to be sent to the created instance
--userdata-path String Path to a file with additional user data to be sent to the created instance
--version Integer Indicates the specific version of an application or image to use when creating an instance -1
--vm Creates a virtual machine instead of a container Disabled
-v, --vpu-slots Integer Indicates the number of VPU slots to be assigned for the instance. -1