AMC command reference: config

The config command helps manage the global configuration for the Anbox Management Service (AMS). See AMS configuration for a list of
available configuration items.

amc config <subcommand>


The following subcommands are available:


Update a single configuration of the AMS.

amc config set <config_name> <config_value>


Display all configuration of the AMS.

amc config show


Manage trusted clients that can communicate with AMS. You can add or remove client certificates as needed to allow or block communication with AMS.

The amc config trust command can be used with three subcommands - add, list and remove.

The add command adds a new trusted client that can communicate with the AMS:

    amc config trust add <certificate_path>

The list command displays a list of trusted clients:

    amc config trust list --format=table

where --format controls the output formatting. table, json and yaml are allowed values while table is the default value.

The remove command removes a client from the list of trusted clients. You can also use rm as an alias.

    amc config trust remove <client_name>