AMC command reference: benchmark

The benchmark command allows you to benchmark your Anbox Cloud deployment. Benchmarking your deployment helps in evaluating the performance of Anbox Cloud for a well-defined workload.

amc benchmark (<app_id> | <image_id>) [options]

Define the workload with the following options:

Option Input type Description Default value
-d, --dump-data Dump data collected during the benchmark, the file name containing the data is printed
-c, --force Force remove instances
-f, --fps Measure Frames Per Second (FPS) for all instances
--fps-threshold Integer FPS threshold below which an instance will be considered slow 30
-h, --help Displays help information for amc benchmark command
-s, --instances-per-second Float Number of instances to launch per second 0.1
--measure-time String Time spent measuring instance statistics 1 minute
--network-address String Outbound network address on which the instances can reach the benchmark executor. For example:
-n, --num-instances Integer Number of instances to launch 1
-p, --platform String Anbox platform to use for the instances null
-r, --raw If specified, the instance is created for the specified image instead of an application
--settle-time String Settling time allowed for the instance performance measurement starts 30 seconds
--userdata String Additional user data to be sent to the created instance