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I was asked to ask my question here, i am here, but i can’t start a topic, probably because i’m a new user to ubuntu discourse and have trust level 0. How am supposed to ask my support question, without faking interacting in a bunch of topics to get “trust level 1”…

(EDIT: I am trust level 1 now, for any other new user, i think just opening/reading 5 posts or so, should do the trick)

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Glad you got it sorted. I understand there is some explanation of this in the welcome email you get when you register. Thanks

I don’t have enough trust to allow me to post the question that I want to and clicking around now and then for a few days has not given me what ever trust is needed. If there are more exact instructions in the welcome email I’d be grateful if you could post them here. I created my Ubuntu account a long time ago so didn’t get any welcome mail. I’m missing the old forum already.

@zotan You should be able to make a post now. I’ve upped your trust level


Same for me, could you up my trust level?

I must say I’m quite surprised of the choice of Ubuntu to restrict that much the access for newcomers. Something I’ve never seen on any site, including professional ones.

If one comes to a product/company forum, it’s generally because he has some kind of issue with these products…


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Done. You should be able to post now


The reason for this is explained here FAQ: LXD has been moved to Canonical and we are in the process of working out a longer term solution that works well for all parties.


Same here. I’d like to ask a support question for LXD but can’t seem to find out how to post a new topic.

Hi, I bumped your trust level. The new user email you received when registering explained how to increase your trust level.

Hi. Just joined to ask where to find more information on the side effects.

I understand LXD is a frontend for several backends (from lxc to qemu). But what exactly are the side effects on commands such as lxc config device add container-name home disk ...

what will happen on lxc? on qemu? on a system-container? etc?

Do changing network options will only affect virtual network or firewall rules to my main networks (like docker does?)

Hi @gcb

The exact side effects depend on the device type that is being added, but essentially the command lxc config device add ... just attaches an existing device to the target instance.

Regarding the firewall, LXD adds the required firewall rules. Therefore, changing the network options will affect both network and firewall rules.

You might also see conflicts between the rules defined by your firewall (or another application) and the firewall rules that LXD adds. For example, your firewall might erase LXD rules if it is started after the LXD daemon, which might interrupt network connectivity to the instance.

Source: https://documentation.ubuntu.com/lxd/en/latest/howto/network_bridge_firewalld/

Can my trust level be bumped as well? New account, opened and read 5-10 topics, then checked the one email I received from Ubuntu, but don’t see anything related to a trust level (it instructs me how to validate my email address).

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It looks like your trust level has been increased, can you post now?

@tomp this is probably getting old, but I just joined and don’t see instructions on the Ubuntu One email I received on increasing trust level. Can you boost my trust level? Thanks.

@tomp, sorry, looks like it was done automatically. Thanks anyway.

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I too, have not received the upgraded trust level allowing me to post a topic. This must be specific to LXD, because I have posted on other Canonical topics.

I increased your trust level.
However, this is a new account - if you have posted before, it was with a different account.

Thank you. Interesting. It goes through my long time Ubuntu-One account. Apparently the Discourse is new. Very interesting.