About the [Pattern] Modular Table Component category

Patterns and components that are defined becomes a category on their own with detailed guidelines and examples on how to use them across Canonical cloud products and websites.

This category defines the “Modular Table Component category” design pattern.


Vanilla static table


Mapping table
Topic Path
Modular table component /docs
Header row /docs/header-row
Single and double rows /single-and-double-rows
Row selection /rows-selection
Column reordering /column-reordering
Column resizing /column-resizing
Dynamic summary of table content /dynamic-summary-of-table-content
Pinned row /pinned-row
Drag and drop cells /drag-and-drop
Icon positioning within tables /docs/icons
Responsive behaviours /responsive-behaviour
Pagination /pagination
Grouping /grouping
Table cell contents /table-cell-contents