20.10 Release candidate ISOs ready for testing

Ubuntu 20.10 codename Groovy, the latest release of Ubuntu is due this week on October 22th. The first release candidate ISOs are available on the ISO tracker. Major blockers have been squashed but there may be more candidates if anyone find release critical issues .

Please join the effort to help test Ubuntu and all its flavours to get closer to a final image for the release on Thursday 22th October 2020.

Some resources:

Happy testing everyone!


Tuesday 20 or Thursday 22?

22 sorry. Thanks for pointing this out.

A new candidate is ready for testing on the tracker (image 20201021)

The major change is shim-signed to fix bug 1869187 Another change is the slideshow for Ubuntu Kylin.

The full changelog of this images is:


  • shim-signed (1.45) groovy; urgency=medium

    • Merge back changes from focal that got lost in the shim revert, as
      groovy carried on from the reverted 1.41 upload and did not merge
      back 1.40.{1,2,3}:
      • Depend on the correct version of grub-signed (LP: #1871895)
      • Install grub to multiple ESPs (LP: #1871821)
      • Pass --timeout -1 to mokutil in a separate mokutil run (LP: #1869187),
        thanks to Aleksander Miera for the patch.
  • shim-signed (1.44) groovy; urgency=medium

    • Set XB-Important: yes and Protected: yes on shim-signed package
      so that it cannot be removed by accident (LP: #1898729)
  • shim-signed (1.43) groovy; urgency=medium

    • Add download-signed script from linux-signed package
    • Construct and ship dual-signed shim.

ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (163)

  • Adjust the slideshow for Ubuntu Kylin groovy.

freetype (2.10.2+dfsg-3ubuntu1)

  • SECURITY UPDATE: heap buffer overflow via integer truncation in
    • debian/patches/CVE-2020-15999.patch: Update src/sfnt/pngshim.c to
      test and reject invalid bitmap size earlier in Load_SBit_Png. Based on
      upstream patch.
    • CVE-2020-15999

snapd (2.47.1+20.10.1)

  • cherry-pick PR#9516 to fix docker and multipass snaps
    with apparmor3 (LP: #1898038)

What would be a release without a Wednesday evening critical bug?

Here we go NVIDIA drivers aren’t running after fresh groovy install with Secure Boot enabled

All thanks to @3v1n0 for finding it! He won a virtual bottle of champagne.

This is now fixed and images 20201021.1 have been rebuilt for these flavours:

  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Ubuntu Budgy
  • Ubuntu Kylin
  • Ubunut Mate

Only a quick smoke test is required and for those with nVidia hardware verify that module 450 is installed with secure boot enabled.

The freshest Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE 20.10 ISOs 20201021.2 are booting with muted sound on my Lenovo SL500 and other laptop from bug-report below -

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A fix has been found for this sound issue:

alsa-lib (

  • d/p/0001-ucm-add-a-check-for-the-empty-configuration.patch
    • Fix the failure on init the HDA-Intel sound card, because there is no init mixer values in the ucm, the alsa-lib should return error and then let alsautils init this sound card in the legacy HDA way. (LP: #1897934)

We are waiting for this package to migrate to trigger a respin.


All the images have been marked ready on the ISO Tracker. That is fantastic and it’s all because of YOUR help!

So, a huge thank you to all the testers who contributed to this release. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

See you all for next release!