"You are not permitted to view the requested resource" error when @luisp is trying to post


@luisp can’t seem to post new topics in https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/multipass and the error is an unhelpful:

It should work better now.


Broken for me as well. I found out after spending a couple hours typing up a helpful post about Multipass :cry:

If it’s a new-user thing, it’d be great to see that in a FAQ or in the intro chatbot.

@ariesq the content should still be there. Just go to the same place and try to post a new topic, your content should be there.

But I agree this is broken as far as the user experience goes.

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It’s in the second bullet of the welcome message:

…we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you

A lot of prior discussion about this is at Limiting brand new user accounts

I sympathize with puzzled new users. I was a new user once myself! So when you run across a new contributor who hits this curb, message any moderator (like me), and let us know. It’s fast and easy for us, and we like doing it.

Clarification: Um, most folks bump-up permission by themselves quite well. We don’t bump-up most folks manually. Only new folks with a concrete real contribution. Not rants, misplaced support requests, world-shaking-ideas, etc.

@ian-weisser I’m OK with the policy, what I see as a problem is the implementation (I know it’s discourse, so maybe there’s nothing to be done :man_shrugging:).

I mean that the, error is not helpful, looks more like an error rather than a permissions problem, and on the surface looks like it swallowed your content… Maybe it shouldn’t let you type new posts until you’re actually able to submit them? And mention what new users need to do to get the new ability.

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