Yaru Theme Pack

For people who like changing colors, like me, for making texture packs of sorts (games, whatever), then I suggest making a Yaru Colored Theme Pack.

Every LTS, we would publish a Yaru Color Theme Pack, which will give you the normal themes and stuff, but in another color.

Unfortunately, this would also require someone to go into the theme code and change stuff.

Others, can just take an application’s recolor (as in paint.net) or hue/saturation/lightness to change it’s color.

I’m not sure about the Icons, due to the folder-color package. But, its two colors to change, so I could try suggesting the icon adding to them, but honestly the only people who use Yaru theme is pretty much Ubuntu/Ubuntu flavors.

Anyone like the idea?

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Yes, it would be a good idea to have more choice.

Not only this, but also maintain such a new style during the time, which will be quite long considering that the target would be an LTS

Two colors?

The Yaru Icon Theme has two colors-the outer folder color and the inner

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