Yaru next move

@c-lobrano will the 18.04 version will be modified as well ? Or, it will continue as it is now ?

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We continue to update the 18.04 version with new icons, but keep the gtk and shell theme like it is now.

  • stuff that make us moved towards the as-upstream-as-it-gets-idea is not yet in the gtk 3.28 app stack (mobil/desktop adapting apps)
  • it’s hard to tear down the changes we made for later shell versions apart from the 3.28 shell version

I hope that’s okay for the bionic users. I think the current communitheme is very solid


Happy with what we have now. I hope it stays that way :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m on 19.10, how can I test the new theme? I have the snap in the edge branch (also gtk-common-themes), but still no luck neither with deb apps not snaps :confused:

Hi! Thanks for the interest in testing. Snap is not updated to the latest Yaru, you can test it only building from source, following these instructions https://github.com/ubuntu/yaru/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#build-and-install-themes-from-source

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Thanks. Nice to find so well detailed instructions.

Few things:
In the shell theme menus, hovered items highlighting doesn’t have enough contrast. (For some reason my cursor disappears when doing a screenshot.) Also something feels wrong with the circles in the sliders.

Same in the GTK3, not enough highlighting:

Not GTK related:
cool new Files icon!

GTK3, in Settings, the users icon (on the right) is barely visible:


Hover pre-light comes, as pretty much everything except colors, flatter buttons and dark headerbar, from upstream. We do not plan to change this downstream this time. I’ll see if we can do something about the hover prelight upstream next cycle, as I am also not the biggest fan of this idea.
The current master needs gnome shell 3.34, which are not yet in the daily iso
Sliders look fine for me with yaru master and 3.34 gnome shell

The gnome-contacts icon is sadly harcoded. Would be cool if you could file a bug for this on our yaru github repo, then I see if we can create an issue in gnome control center on gitlab find someone to fix it there :smiley:

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I checked the pre-light in Adwaita and it seem to have a better contrast, let’s what will happen when 3.34 lands, if there’s a better contrast. Is there a ppa for 3.34 or did you compile from source?

I reported the settings bug as you asked :blush:


No PPA. You need to compile GNOME 3.33 (dev branch of 3.34) from source.

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Thanks for reporting.

Please everyone just wait until both the yaru update and the gnome shell 3.34 update is available via software-updater if you don’t test in a virtual machine.

I’ll see if we can do anything about the pre-light.


Hi, I received today the update to gnome 3.33.90, but the sliders in the shell still appear to be broken. The GTK theme looks good instead, with the pre-light being the only minor issue. The pre-light in the shell looks better instead, there’s enough contrast.

GNOME Shell 3.33.91
yaru-theme-gnome-shell/eoan,eoan,now 19.10.1 all [installed,automatic]
yaru-theme-gtk/eoan,eoan,now 19.10.1 all [installed,automatic]
yaru-theme-icon/eoan,eoan,now 19.10.1 all [installed,automatic]
yaru-theme-sound/eoan,eoan,now 19.10.1 all [installed,automatic]

Screenshot from 2019-08-29 21-55-43

Update: it seems the fault is of Adwaita, not of Yaru. :thinking:

Did you increase the interface size? Then we would have a bug eventually

Testing out with the latest updates on a virtual install (will do on a bare metal later), got to say the changes are really good. The theme looks top notch. The buttons on applications that use client side decoration is just so much more distinguishable now. Great job.


Thanks! You got the issue. I had actually changed the font scaling from 1 to 0.85, because otherwise the shell is very large for me. Nevertheless, shouldn’t the shell elements scale proportionally to this? :thinking:

I think if you only increase the font, it should only increase in size if it doesn’t fit into the boxes. But I don’t know how it’s implemented.
I’ll see if there is a bug in gnome shell about this!

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Indeed, this is how it should work. I often increase font scaling and didn’t notice this, weird!


Maybe it happens only if you reduce it? :thinking: Can you check? :blush:

Confirmed. Reducing font size the shell element does not scale well.

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