Yaru new release announcements

With the Call thread closed, we lack of an official place for announcing new releases.

(Please, do not use this one for discussions, or we will end up in the same situation)


The Yaru team is happy to announce the second stable release of 2019.

Here the main content:

  • Improved render-bitmaps helper scripts
  • Released on Disco Dingo 19.04
  • Actually release Yaru-dark in debian package (sorry)
  • Updated and improved symbolic icons
  • Added new icons for Polari, Firefox and Quadrapassel (okay, those could change in the future, considering the big-discussion-in-the-sky about Icons)
  • Adding new application-x-trash mimetype which is consistent with clock on image-loading icon
  • Bring back symbolic icons for the app menu and the notitications/message
  • Update readme with up-to-date screenshots
  • Add icon for missing image
  • OGA file extension for sounds
  • Update Contributing with needed steps before building
  • Adapt gtk tooltips border to shell
  • Add a build option to install compatibility stubs for communitheme theme name.
  • Update “sound” part in contributing guideline
  • Many bug fixing and optimizations e.g. in Infobars, pathbar and switches

and thanks to debian changelog script for helping me in making better changelogs :pray:


This was three days ago! I am sorry, I forgot to publish this.

The Yaru team is happy to announce the third stable release of 2019.

This release brings a lot of changes, specially in Yaru icon set.

The squircle approach was awesome, but fragile when facing the fact that not all the icons will have the same shape, so we decided to drop it. However, Suru design was so good that it shines even removing the squircled background, so we - and when I say we, I actually mean @frederik-f , @madsrh, @jaggers and @eaglers :slight_smile: D - put a huge effort in this Yaru icon revival, which looks even better than before. Of course, we welcome any project that likes the idea to provide its icon in this shape, so the next big effort will be to describe the new guidelines openly.

Another big news is that Yaru on 18.04 will diverge from Yaru on newest releases. Recently upstream changes and the new Gnome shell 3.32, made us decide to keep the current style fixed in Bionic Beaver and keep following upstream in Disco Dingo (and next Ubuntu releases) only. Of course, this refers only to the new things that are not compatible to the old version of Gnome Shell and GTK.