Yaru icons?

@c-lobrano, @didrocks
Would the Yaru icons come in svg format in the future, or be still blocked in png format?

We have the svg version, but since small sizes require special rendering, we preferred to release the png formats for now

There was a mention of other icon colours somewhere in this discourse, so if there are no svg icons, you won’t be able to engage other people into any development, other than the few who has the access to the svg files.

Humanity and Ubuntu icons always were in svg format, btw.

We have the svg version

@chanath, the SVG are all available in our freely accessible repository

Just to clarify. One thing is what we release as installed package. There we use pngs. A different thing is the project, which is freely accessible, where all the icons have their SVG version.

Can you point to the link to the repository with svg version?

And this is the README

Thanks. How do one download the whole set of svg icons from there?

Being a Github repository, all the Github documentation applies.
For example, you can use the “Clone or download” green button in the main page of the repository and get the whole project.

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Thanks. I forgot that. :slight_smile:

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