Yaru: icons for emblems, actions, etc

I’m using Yaru as everyday theme. I noticed that some applications don’t seem consistent with the theme. I don’t know if they have hardlinked images or if these are unavailable in the Yaru theme, but if it’s the latter, I would like to suggest to include them too.

You can see Aisleriot solitaire in the screenshot, and the buttons for the actions look quite out of place to me. What do you think?


Yes those are not implemented in Suru.
There is an issue somewhere (I tried to find it for 10 mins, without success) which indicates the reasoning behind not supporting them. Would be cool if you find it, if not open an issue in our Yaru repo

I think you’re referring to this issue:

I read what @Eskander linked, but Sam was alone, so could not take that job by himself alone. @frederik-f Do you think that now this is part of Yaru, the situation might change?

I think with @jaggers and @eaglers we have two new contributors for the icons. Tagg them in that issue on the Suru repo and see if they have time for this. As far as I understood it seems like a shitload of work :smile:

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