Yaru Dark during night

While I was using my laptop at wee hours I use night light and which is great feature that is easy on my eyes and makes the screen warmer tone. While playing around in GNOME Tweaks I noticed Yaru dark. That got me thinking. If night light is turned on then Yaru dark is used to put less strain on the eyes? Is this even possible?


+1 This would be a nice feature :smiley:

There is some discussion around making it able to switch to dark theme variant when Night Light is on. Sounds like there’s some issues though: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-control-center/issues/253


Seriously would be awesome feature. I have test all the app I use and they all use dark them when I enable it in GNOME Tweaks during night usage.

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Is the suggestion here to make this automatic?, i.e switch to dark theme when night light is enabled?
If so that’s a poor idea.
Adding another switch in the same location as the night theme switch would be ok…