Yaru Accent Colors are coming to Jammy!

Thanks to the fantastic Yaru Team (special thanks to @muqtxdir-m!), with the help of the Canonical design team (@lyubomir-popov for the final colors and @elioqoshi for the initial work), we’re happy to announce that Ubuntu 22.04 will support even further theme customization, by giving users ability to change accent colors.

The Yaru theme will support 10 accents applied both to the dark and light variants of the theme, but also to gnome-shell and the icons. And all this will allow to personalize your ubuntu experience without breaking applications or causing troubles to upstreams (the theme is now very close to upstream Adwaita).

Packages allowing this to work were already partly uploaded, but the main work on yaru theme and further tuning in the shell have just been uploaded to Jammy.

Screenshots at https://imgur.com/a/kIR86Jq

NOTE: The light yaru gnome-shell theme has some issues in the lock screen right now, we’ll address them ASAP.



It’s been really great to have the support and refinement from both the desktop and design teams on making this possible for ubuntu 22.04. Big thanks to everyone who were involved with this!!


Fantastic work :tada:

Linux is all about choice so I’m sure many people will appreciate the many beautiful options they now, with ease, can personalize their desktop with. Thanks :pray:


Big thanks to everyone involved in adding this new feature!

Ubuntu 22.04 will be an awesome release :tada:


Yes that’s great.
You can even choose a GS accent color and another icons color (through Tweaks!).

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How will these be available exactly? Will they be all packages the user will manually install outside of gnome-tweaks?

They were in proposed repo when I dl them.

@itzswirlz you don’t need to install any other packages, it’s already installed by default out of the box on ubuntu 22.04

@fthx the theme switcher from appearance switches gtk-theme, gnome-shell-theme and icon-theme all at the same time for me . So it’s comparatively easier to use the Appearance page from settings app rather than changing all different key values manually one by one in GNOME-Tweaks

Yes but that’s not my post.
I was talking about the different possible colors between accent and icons. And you cannot achieve this through Settings.

sorry I use Google translate english is not my speaking language so I said something else that you didn’t ask for

Indeed you can install other themes, but those are not supported by Ubuntu and will likely not work well in many scenarios

About Yaru and snaps:

I get to have a teal-accented stock Ubuntu? Woo hoo! :tada:

Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen! :blue_heart: :green_heart:


This is a great touch. Been running 22.04 in a VM for a month now and this is shaping up to be one very polished release. Thank you for all the work you do everyone.

Common themes snap will include these accents.


Love it, really great work everyone who worked on this!

Just wondering, in future would it be possible when changing accent colours, to change the the default background to a variant based on the accent colour selected? Are there any plans to implement such a thing whether in upstream GNOME or just Ubuntu?

Once again great work, really looking forward to Jammy’s release :slight_smile:

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This is awesome, and currently testing I am loving the colors. I did have a question. We seemed to have lost the reddish-orange color for the close button on windows. Is this related to libadwaita?

Welcome to the community on Discourse! We’re happy to have you here, and we’re just as excited about the accent colors.

I know Ubuntu MATE changes the default background with the accent color select, though since they’re a different DE I don’t know how much of what they did their is applicable to this. It really would be exciting to have that feature in stock Ubuntu!

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IIRC yes, but I can’t find the link.

Would be nice to see this work with Unity @khurshid-alam @rs2009