Wow! It's Go Go Go for Kubuntu 24.04 LTS

Dear Kommunity

I wanted to take a moment to share and congratulate the amazing community contributions that are taking place in Kubuntu right now.

We’re preparing for 24.04 LTS Release, and there is a huge amount to do. We have a new installer, new slides, completely revised brand, graphics, and upcoming new website.

We also put together KubuQA which has gained some wonderful early traction, and had contributions which have rapidly accelerated its capability.

*KubuQA ISO Testing Tool

We’re starting to get uptick in communications from members on our Matrix channels, and enquiries from new volunteers who want to get involved and help.

Members of the Kubuntu Focus Team have been rallying to help us, and frankly I think that is absolutely awesome that we have this wonderful relationship with them, it feels like a proper community partnership.

I’m jolly excited, and frankly over joyed!!