Working from home

Hello all,

So my work now involves operating from home much like a lot of people right now and currently I have a pretty good setup whereby I connect to my office windows pc using my personal windows laptop. To assist with my setup I’ve a linux mint notebook which I use for Google and our office Communicator.

We aren’t properly setup for phone calls yet and I’m certainly not using a personal house phone but we’ve got the opportunity to use a voice application called Jabber. It will be migrated to another system next year I expect but that doesn’t help now of course but I am looking to run this Jabber phone app upon my linux notebook rather than on my windows system. Mentally keeping comms on one device and worksheets etc on the windows side. What are the chances of using something that’s able to plumb into linux as a Jabber clone?

Look forward to your reply.

Why don’t you get yourselves VoIP phone setup? For example, this.

does this perhaps help ?

Almost. The chat functionality worked but could see how Cisco phone calls via my desk phone would route through.