WLCS 1.1.0 Release

Hello all!

Now that we’ve finished oiling the release machinery I’m pleased to announce the 1.1.0 release of WLCS, the (aspirationally-named) WayLand Compliance Suite. This minor release does not change the compositor-integration interface (although it does document it slightly better) but mainly adds new tests and files off some rough edges.

Highlights include

  • A bunch of build fixes for non-Ubuntu platforms
  • Tests which used to hang indefinitely on failure will now time-out after a reasonable period and be marked as failures.
  • Added tests for additional Wayland protocols:
    • wl_output
    • wp_primary_selection_unstable_v1
    • gdk_primary_selection_protocol
  • And the suite of XDG Shell tests has grown, particularly around popups and window movement

Go forth and test!


Keep up the great work @raof!

WLCS 1.1.0 is now available in Fedora 29 and newer (or will be soon depending on your mirror sync rate)!

To install the headers and pkgconfig file for hooking up into your compositor test suite, install the wlcs-devel package as follows:

$ sudo dnf install wlcs-devel
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