WLCS 1.0 release!

Hello all!

I’m very pleased to announce the 1.0 release of wlcs, the (aspirationally named) WayLand Conformance Suite!

1.0 doesn’t mean that it’s done, of course! But, refined by my attempts to write a wlcs test-fixture for Weston, the 1.0 release should now be good enough for other compositors to write test-fixtures against. We do not expect to make any breaking changes to the compositor-integration API, so integrations written now will continue to work into the future.

This comes with some overview documentation of how to write a wlcs test fixture for your compositor and integrate it with your existing compile test suite, and the hooks you need to implement are documented inline.

WLCS is currently far from a complete coverage of Wayland protocols, but there are currently about 300 tests mainly covering wl_surface events, input, wl_shell, and the various versions of XDG-shell. We’ll continue to expand coverage as we further improve Mir’s Wayland support, or feel free to submit tests for your favourite protocol!

For distro packagers, proper tarballs will be up shortly.


WLCS 1.0 is now available in Fedora 29 and newer (or will be soon depending on your mirror sync rate)!

To install the headers and pkgconfig file for hooking up into your compositor test suite, install the wlcs-devel package as follows:

$ sudo dnf install wlcs-devel
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