Wishlist : Add file creation-date to ubuntu file browser (Nautilus)

Hello Ubuntu :slight_smile:

I am considering using Ubuntu as my main OS, but I have realised that Linux does not use creation-date … only last-modification and last-access file date.

From what I have understand from forums, the Linux community has discussed the differences use-cases and concluded that creation-date was useless …

But when you manage photos, creation-date is essential (at least for me). If you use the file browser, one software today or an other tomorrow, it is safe to have the creation-date inside the file and not in the folder name or in the software.

My main concern is not to change creation-date. It is to sort photos or files by creation-date, and access the info via file property.

Even if, I do love the efficiency and stability of Linux, the missing creation-date is a no-go for me.

Thank you very much in advance.

Successful community suggestions tend to have the following characteristics:

  • They are made in the correct forum or the appropriate developer mailing list

  • They are well-researched already. You care more about this feature than anybody else, so look up the feature on Launchpad (or upstream). Use the changelogs and mailing list archives to determine why it was originally dropped, who was involved, and the specific code changes. It’s a real research project - keep notes and bookmark links. You will need to refer back to them.

  • They occur during the right time in the six-month Ubuntu development cycle. Most changes are planned in early November and early May - the weeks right after an Ubuntu release, as teams start planning their next six months’ work. Many changes are roadmapped a year or two in advance. Don’t approach a team in January expecting to see a new feature in April.

  • The suggester has enough technical skills to start work. The worst thing you can say to a developer is “Well I’m not a programmer”. Neither were they when they started. Developers will happily mentor: They will show you how to fish. They won’t do all the work for you. They have their own projects (that they care about more).

  • The suggester has a clear vision and is willing to lead volunteers. You don’t need to do all the work yourself - other interested volunteers pop out of nowhere all the time. Basic leadership and management skills are helpful to spread the load and make the work light and fun for everybody.

  • The written suggestion itself is persuasive to the audience. You’re not trying to convince yourself.

You have clearly covered a few of those points already. Keep working on the rest.

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Some updates …

Nautilus issues with the Timestamps is an old story a priori.
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/215499 (ubuntu 8.04)

Not so long ago (14.04) the issue use to be the modified-date … removed to “minimizing the amount of space taken by the timestamp” a priori … and today (16.04) is the creation-date.

Canonical seems to be “planning to roll their own file browser” to solve issues.

If I have time, I will have a look to 18.04 - that’s use Nautilus 3.26 instead of 3.28 to keep desktop icon support. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/ubuntu-18-04-lts-will-ship-older-version-nautilus

Maybe it could be consider to have a one Nautilus for Desktop and one for IoT …


I think the point is more that if you want additional features that GNOME Files doesn’t have then, other than filing an upstream bug against Files you just need to get a different file manager. sudo apt install caja for the fork of GNOME 2’s Nautilus, sudo apt install nemo for the fork of GNOME 3’s Nautilus.

If you disagree with GNOME’s entire minimalistic philosophy then you should probably switch to an entirely different Ubuntu flavour. If you just want lots of features, Kubuntu is probably the best bet, otherwise try any of the other flavours (except Budgie, which uses GNOME’s apps, as far as I understand).

Dear ads20000,

Please receive my apologies, if I have offended the GNOME minimalistic philosophy - that I appreciate, by the way, as keeping things simple is always a good policy.

But in my reality, using the timestamps is as natural as breathing … thus when timestamps are deleted or missing, it is perseive as a malfunction & a no-go.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my post and for your helping inputs. I will follow your advise and test other flavors.

(About “Source ?” … just up, my second ref link)

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You were reading a 4 year old thread when Ubuntu was planning to go to unity 8. They never did & never will.

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Sorry, it may have been the wrong response from me, nothing to be worried about :stuck_out_tongue:

Do file a bug upstream though, ask for them to add the feature back in :slight_smile: The other flavours are great, do just drop in another file manager though if it’s just that one feature you find essential.