Wireless PCI (Qualcomm Atheros AR9565) ins't working on Ubuntu 17.10

Hi there! I am new to Ubuntu and I just installed it along side Windows 10 in my Acer Aspire E5-573 laptop. Everything was fine… however the system didn’t recognize my Wi-Fi PCI and also it didn’t detect that my laptop’s battery. It detetected my Bluetooth PCI.
I updated, upgraded and rebooted the system and it still doesn’t work.
When i ran the lspci command it outputs my PCI however, for some reason, it can’t turn it on.
PS: I tried to turn on and off my PCI and didn’t work.

I’ve moved this to the https://community.ubuntu.com/c/support-help-requests category because this site isn’t designed to take tech support questions. Sorry. I’d recommend using one of the official support channels listed on the https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 page.