Windows 10 - unable to discover Samba Shares after update Ubuntu 17.10

I’ve had Samba running for quite some time and it appears just recently a Windows update has killed the machine from being able to discover Samba shares. It appears I can manually map the shares using a UNC path, but discovery is broken.

The issue is I use NextPVR to record OTA TV shows, and the recording destination is the Samba video directory share. I did a recent update and have to re-enter the UNC paths by following the “Network” icon in Windows, and since it no longer sees the server, I can’t record shows over the network.

Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this issue on the Ubuntu side or is this all Windows?

As a temporary workaround, I went into Nextpvr’s config.xml and manually typed in the UNC path, and I’m now recording over the network again.

However, I would like to know what should be done on the Ubuntu side to get Windowz discovery working correctly.

This isn’t the place to ask for technical help, please create a thread on either the Forums or Ask Ubuntu.

I thought something looked strange with the threads… thanks