Window title / date/time alignment

I’ve noticed that the Ubuntu Dock (or Dash to Dock) moves the window to the right (or left, if the dock is placed on the right) so that that the top bar’s date/time is centered and and window’s title is off center, which looks strange, how could this be resolved, and should there be some resolving of this even when the window is not maximized?

Problem even with unmaximized windows

It looks worse when you display the date and the seconds in the clock

@ads20000 Yes! It is an issue that already known and I think @didrocks aware of it and even said someting about a bug report, If remember well.

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Ah I didn’t see that message. Where’s the bug report? :slight_smile:

@ads20000 Sorry but I didn’t link to it becous I’m not sure where I saw it. It might be in @didrocks blog.–guadec-2017-and-plans-for-gnome-shell-migration/
I followed it from the beginning so it can take you time to find it. Better way is to ask him directly or wait for more replies sorry for not being more helpful.

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Yes, it’s indeed something I want to tackle personnally this cycle. I’m unsure about the feasibility yet (I’m on other projects), but it should be quite doable, depending if the Dock is in intellihide or always shown.


The bug report you asked for:

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I guess the way to fix it from the extension is to ensure that, when not using intellihide, the time applet is centered using the worksapce area instead of the actual monitor space.

that’s exactly my thought!

FYI, I have committed this (centering the date corresponding to the available work area) right now and it will be in bionic. This change will only impact the ubuntu session, but I have also proposed it to upstream GNOME.


Now accepted in upstream GNOME! Thanks @didrocks! :heart: